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There must be some molding lines showing up on the appearance of plastic ocarinas and you could find the similar traces on the plastic recorder, too because it is a must to take the plastic object out of the iron tooling.

We have to use high temperature to melt ABS powder and use strong pressure to push the liquid ABS into the mold. Inside the mold, there are some iron sticks to leave the spaces of the holes on the instrument. When the liquid ABS encounters the iron sticks, they will split into different flows and meet again at the other side of the iron sticks. Under this situation, the trace shows up to release the hot air. Therefore, it is a trace, not a scratch or defect on the plastic ocarina.


This is Focalink's plastic single-chambered ocarina in the key of Soprano C from A to high F for a total of 13 notes. In order to let players cover the sound holes easily and thoroughly, we design a flat surface on the right-handed side to meet this purpose. Moreover, the material ABS used is coincident with the SGS standards of low toxic products, too. With royal blue color.

Single plastic SC

Size: 12.5cm x 7.0cm x 3.0cm 

Weight:  51 grams

Each instrument comes with a fingering chart, neck strap and color box.

International orders are welcome !

$ USD 12.00
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