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Straw fire is when an already kiln-fired ocarina is put inside a fire-proof container and fired again with combustable straw.  The smoke from the fire makes organic designs and rich woodsy color on the surface of the ocarina.  The ocarina is then polished with an organic lacquer which comes from certain trees.  Camphor oil is used to thin the lacquer.  There are a very small number of individuals who have reported allergic reactions to the Straw Fired ocarinas.  If you think you may be allergic to lacquer, or camphor oil, please choose a different ocarina.



It takes Focalink almost 2 years to develop this new series of ocarinas especially for Ensemble use because of the more smooth transmission process on breath pressure and sound volume when player switches from the first to the second chamber of ocarina. And on the other hand, it is surely an excellent solo ocarina, too.

This newly released double ocarina is in the key of Soprano F. In order to meet above purpose, we have enlarged the inner spaces of both chambers to achieve it perfectly. Theses two separate chambers that allow the player 17 chromatic notes from D5 to F7. Certain chords are also possible when playing both chambers together. All instruments are finely tuned for clarity and pitch and we use a unique straw firing process that creates beautiful earth tone colors throughout. A lacquer is also applied to bring out the richness in color.  Because of this unique handcrafted process, no two ocarinas will look the same.

Double Soprano in F / NEW with deluxe bag

Size: 14.5cm x 9.5cm x 4.5cm 

Weight: 230 grams

Each instrument comes with a fingering chart, deluxe violet or green ocarina bag, polishing cloth and metal channel cleaner.

International orders are welcome !


$ USD 135.00
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