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Ocarina Quartet Album by Genial Breeze Quartet from Taiwan

It gives me great pleasure to announce that this album has finally been released

A detailed summary of all the achievements of Focalink in the field of instrument development over the past eight years accentuates our efforts to constantly innovate, improve, and overcome the blind spots in the manufacture of traditional ocarinas with the goal of providing a larger number of ocarina lovers with high-quality instruments. Constant improvements and refinements are especially made in the field of tone color, pitch accuracy, and airflow.

The creation of these recordings shows without doubt that there is a growing number of possibilities in the development of Multi-chambered Ocarina ensemble performances.

Over many years, single ocarina performances have been negatively affected by compass restrictions. A large number of melodies cannot be played on this instrument or a rhythm can only be completed by connecting the different voices of ensemble group. Multi-chambered ocarinas break through these limitations by allowing a golden combination of classical quartets through complete SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) sounds. Since the establishment of the “Genial Breeze” multi-chambered ocarina quartet, this ensemble has received wide acclaim and praise during numerous ocarina music festivals all over the world. These four performers use their deep literacy in classical music to enrich their ocarina melodies. They also provided us with many valuable suggestions for the manufacture of instruments.

"It seems as if this sound has never been heard before! It surprised even us" That's what the four performers stated when they heard a recording of The Art of Fugue, the last work of the father of music, Johann Sebastian Bach, before his death, performed by an ocarina quartet.

This album indeed presents an unprecedented depth and width of music. In addition to Bach, the album features recordings of "Piazza Vittorio", a work by the modern Brazilian compose Celso Machado, an Offenbach opera classic, Bugler's Holiday, which was originally written as a Trio for Trumpets as well as “Gavotte”, a piece specially written for a quartet by the renowned contemporary Italian ocarina performer Giorgio Pacchioni. The theme song for Miyazaki Hayao’s famous cartoon “Castle in the Sky” and the suite for children titled “Trains” composed by the British composer James Carey.

We sincerely dedicate this album to you.

If you enjoy this music as we do, we are fellow music lovers!


$ USD 14.00
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